Gustav Klimt

One of my favorite artists is Gustav Klimt. His paintings are sensual and erotic, but not pornographic. They would make a nice addition to a bedroom wall. You can purchase prints at Allposters.com. Here are two examples: "The Kiss" and "Danae."


First Night

Welcome to the blog of mortal love! We're not your ordinary sex blog. You won't find porn here, or a record of rambling dirty thoughts. This blog will provide you with real information- no myths. We have nothing to sell, and nothing to lose. Our goal is to reach a wide range of couples, and help them improve their sex lives.

Sex is everywhere. It's the start of life, it's the preoccupation of teenagers, advertisers, movie producers, books, and magazines. It is debated, depicted, suppressed, and celebrated. But most of all, it is exploited. Because of its universal appeal, it can be used by manipulators, marketers, pornographers, and even rapists to achieve their own goals.

Here, there is no exploitation. Blogs are a way of letting information flow in its purest form. These writings are given freely, and may be taken freely. Read on, and take what you wish.